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The Activity tab displays a data grid containing all the activities that have been recorded for the currently selected animal.  Note that certain activities are color coded.  Color coding can be turned on or off in the system setup screen.

Ascending or descending activity reports can be viewed or printed from this screen.

Current Desired Feeding Interval:  This field is the number of days between feeding attempts for this animal.  This field is used to drive the data on the pick list. 

Activities in the grid display the data for that activity.  Not all activities require the same data.  This grid can be resized and customized to your liking by rearranging the columns.  

The supplemental data at the bottom of the screen is linked to the currently selected activity.  Note in the example above that the "food refused" check box is checked.  This is because in the grid, the activity that is selected was a feeding that was refused.  (it is the 2nd one from the bottom)  You can tell that this is the selected record because there is a record marker on the left of the row. (black arrow)

Double clicking any record (row) will open that activity and allow you to edit or delete it.

There are speed buttons on the left of the screen for activity data entry.  The first (blank paper) is for entering a new activity of any type.  The second is for editing the current activity and does the same as a double click on the grid.

The 3rd button on the left (mouse) is for entering a feed activity.  Clicking this button will prep a feed with the current system data and automatically populate the necessary fields with the data from the last thing this animal ate.

The last 4 buttons on the left are defecate, urate, opaque and shed respectively.  They prepare those activities for entry confirmation.