Clutch Tab
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This screen is only arrived at from entering a clutch activity on a female.

Clutch ID, Dam ID, Sire ID, Date, Type and Male Morph fields are all carried over from the activity data entry.  With the exception of Male Morph, these fields cannot be edited once the record has been created.  Additional "possible" sires can be added by clicking the button next to Sire ID.

Use the Edit Clutch and Save Clutch buttons to edit the data on this screen.

Notes on the clutch can be recorded in the memo field.  Incubation type can be selected.

Clutch data is carried over from the activity entry screen.  These numbers can be edited and adjusted from this screen if need be.  For eggs, a projected hatch date is entered if you have the incubation days field for this species filled out in the species screen.

A clutch label (incubation label) can also be printed from this screen showing the statistics and projected hatch date of the eggs.

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Once you have all of your data entered and new animals setup, you are ready to generate tracking records for the new babies.  The generation of tracking records is based on the final number of hatchlings.

For each hatchling, a master record will be created in the system automatically.  The data for the master records will contain all pertinent information.  Dam, Sire, DOB, Common Name, Species, ect.

Most important is the ID generation for this new animals.  Hatchling id generation is done based on the data in the system setup data screen hatchling id generation tab.   You should always verify that data before generating tracking records for hatchlings.

I have made every effort to make the id system as flexible as possible.  This means you control the id generation and therefore allows for mistakes to be made.  If you receive a key violation during the generation of tracking records you will have to delete and hatchling records generated, then delete the entire clutch activity from the female record and reenter it.  Check your existing id's to make sure there are no conflicts with the new ones you are generating.