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Source/Breeder:  Enter animal source information here.  Right click to view Vendors from your data or add a new one.

Inactive Record:  Check this box to flag an animal as "inactive".  This will allow the animal to be excluded from system reports and be hidden from the active collection.

Purchase Price, Asking Price, Market Price and Sold Price are each monetary fields (financial edits) for tracking the incoming and outgoing pricing of this animal.  If the Asking price is populated, the animal will appear on the price list.  If the sold price is populated, the animal is considered a "sold animal".

Common Name and Species:  Click the "book" button to the right of the species field to view the species list in the database and populate these two fields.  Species and common names can be entered and edited in the species screen.

Sex:  Valid data is "M", "F" or "U".  Keep in mind that most breeding activities must be entered on a female.

Locality and Morph:  Optional fields for collection tracking and breeding.  The data in these fields appear on various reports in the system.

Hatch Color, Hatch Wt., Incubation Type and Inc. Duration:  Optional fields historical purposes.

DOB (Date of Birth), Date In, DOD (Date of Death), and Date Out:   Animal date fields.  DOD and Date out will reflect whether or not an animal is filtered from view in the "Database Filter" function on the main menu.

Rack, Bin Number and Change Rack fields:  These are used to view and change the physical location of an animal that is kept in a rack setup in the system.  Entire rack configuration can be viewed and edited from the Rack Ops screen.