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The main screen of Degei is divided into several areas of data with tabbed navigation.  At the top of the screen you will find the Main Menu system with the currently selected animal listed directly below it in the "ID" and "NAME" fields.

Along the top of the screen you will see a "FIND" button and a navigation bar that looks like vcr buttons.  Clicking on the find button will pull up the find screen and allow you to locate a specific animal to work with.  Clicking on the navigation bar will cycle through the database one record at a time.  The buttons on the navigation bar from left to right are "FIRST", "PRIOR", "NEXT", "LAST" and "REFRESH".

Along the right edge of the main screen are the master record editing controls, some commonly used reports and some of the advanced functions of Degei.

The "NEW", "EDIT", "SAVE" and "CANCEL" buttons are for controlling edits of master records in the database. Each animal in the database has a master record.

"Cage Card", "All Activity", "Pick Activity", "Food Cost" and "Pick List" buttons generated the corresponding report of the button's caption. 

The "Feeder Inv." button activates the Feeder Inventory Screen.

The "Rack Ops." button activates the Rack Operations Screen.

The "Bulk Act." button activates the Bulk Activity Screen.

The "Scan" button activates the Barcode Scanning Screen.

The rest of the main screen in Degei is divided into data tabs.  General, Activity, Clutch Data, Geneaology and Photos each contain various data fields for their respective categories.  Clicking on each of the tabs will display and allow editing of the data on that tab.