Species List
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The edit species list is accessed from the "edit" menu on the main screen.  You may freely edit this data.

This data appears in the species and common name lookup on the general tab on the main screen.

Incubation Days:  This field is used to generate a projected hatch date for a clutch of eggs.

Next Clutch No:  This field is used to label and count the number of clutches generated in the system.  It is recommended that you reset this number to 1 at the beginning of each year.  It is used as part of the clutch id.

Clutch/Hatchling Prefix:  This field is also used as part of the clutch id as well as part of the hatchling ID.  It is recommended that you use an abbreviation of the species or common name.

Next Hatchling Number:  This number is part of each hatchling ID that is generated an increments automatically with each record for the species.

Morphs:  You can freely associate morphs to each species you maintain.  This data is used to assign a morph for a breeding activity.