Hatchling Generation
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This data is very important if you intend to use the breeding features of Degei and the "hatchling record generation" feature.


You will need to select the number of segments to use and the delimiter to use.


If you use text in your id's that may change, such as species abbreviations, check the box at the bottom to prompt verification on generation.

(This is a good idea anyway)  With this box checked, each time you attempt to generate hatchling records, you will be reminded to verify the data on this screen and have the option to stop the process to change it if need be.


Here is an example of an ID setup given the sample data in the screen shot above:

If you have 5 hatchlings for the clutch, the id's generated would be

Note that the "BP" part of the id is not coming from the screen above, it comes from the species screen.  The same is true for the 008-012 numbers.