System Options
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System option and defaults can be set in this screen.

Use feeder inventory tracking:  Feeder inventory tracking can be shut on or off by checking this box.

Hide financial edits:  Hides the price and cost fields on the main screen's general tab.

Use colors in activity grid:  Turns on/off the color coding on the main screen's activity tab.

Auto backup:  Turns on/off the auto backup feature.  Auto backup will occur each time you close the program.

Backup reminder:  Turns on/off reminder to backup data each time the application is closed.

Use record date dialog at startup:  Turns on/off date dialog at startup.

Default to activity tab on startup:  Turns on/off option to have program display the main screen's activity tab when the program starts.

Default card format for cage card button:  Select which size cage card you would like to display/print when the cage card button on the main screen is clicked.

Report Units:  This feature is not yet active.