The BDE must be configured to use the new folder in some versions of Windows Vista. 

If you are receiving an error similar to this the one below, you will need to follow these instructions.

To resolve this problem, certain changes need to be made to the configuration of the database engine used by Degei.

First, you will need to enable full permissions for the database engine in the registry.

I have written a script that you can run to avoid having to manually locate and change the registry permissions.

1. Create a new folder on your local hard drive (usually this is the C:\ drive) and name the folder BDEShare.

2. Save the following file (vistaregfix.dhd) to the C:\BDEShare folder that you just created. Right click HERE and select "save target" to download the file.

3. Click on the Vista start button to bring up the program menu.  In the search box, type 

"cmd" (without the quotes) 

and press enter.  This should bring up a "command window" that looks like the on below.  In this window type the following:  

"regini c:\BDEShare\vistaregfix.dhd" (without the quotes) 

and then press enter.  This will set your user permissions to full control for the database engine.

4.  Reboot your computer to ensure the new registry permissions are initialized.

Now we need to set the database engine to use the folder that we created in step number 1.  This is done in the Windows control panel, where a configuration tool for the “Borland Database Engine” called: “BDE administrator” can be found. 

5. Open the Windows control panel.  Switch the control panel view to "Classic Veiw".  There should be a link for this on the left side of the window.  Open the BDE Admin Icon in control panel.

6. On the tabsheet “Configuration” the configuration tree must be expanded to the path Configuration/Drivers/Native. In the “Paradox” attribute set, edit the uppermost setting: “NET DIR”. In this, the path of the newly created folder is entered. In the example shown here the new folder has been created on drive C.

7. Once the change is made, close the BDE Admin program.  You will be prompted to save the edits.  Click yes.  At this point, you should be able to run the Degei program without further errors.